Privacy & Terms

By booking a Real Estate phoshoot with Vegas.Photography, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement.

This agreement is between the photographer, Vegas.Photography, and the client (which includes their principals, employees, affiliates, and representatives). The client confirms that they have the legal authority to enter into this agreement on behalf of their employer, company, or organization. 

The photographer is considered an independent contractor, and their role in providing services does not establish an employer-employee relationship with the client. This agreement does not create any agency, partnership, joint venture, or employer-employee relationship between the parties involved. Neither party has the authority to act as an agent or bind the other party unless specifically stated in this agreement.

It is important to note that the photographer and the photos, as well as any other deliverables, are not considered as works for hire as defined by Copyright Law. The rights granted to the client are contractual in nature and are solely defined by the terms outlined in this agreement.

The term “Image(s)” refers to any photographic material, including still or moving images, created by the photographer as part of this agreement. This includes transparencies, negatives, prints, or digital files, regardless of the medium used for capture, recording, storage, or delivery.

Ownership and Usage Rights

The client acknowledges that the photographer, as the creator, holds the authorship of the Image(s) and possesses complete and exclusive ownership of all copyrights associated with the Image(s). These copyrights continue to be the sole property of the photographer without any limitations. 

The client acknowledges and accepts that they are not purchasing the Image(s) outright, but rather acquiring a license to use the Image(s) as specified in this Agreement. It is important to note that purchasing the copyright to the Image(s) would involve significantly higher costs compared to the licensing fee.

The term of the license commences once the photographer receives full payment of the invoice and delivers the images to the client.  During this time, the client is allowed to use the images for any marketing materials and campaigns related to the property, as well as for self-promotion.  The client’s parent company may also use the photos solely for the purpose of marketing the specific property that was photographed.

It is strictly prohibited for any third party, such as architects, builders, stagers, designers, sellers, or buyers, to use the images without written approval from the photographer.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, any rights granted to the client are always non-exclusive, non-sub-licensable, and non-transferable. This means that the client cannot use the Image(s) in a logo, corporate identity, trademark, or any other service mark.

The client’s use of the Image(s) will not create a collaborative work or joint authorship.

The client must not alter or remove the copyright metadata embedded within any digital file without obtaining explicit consent from the photographer.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, the photographer retains the right to use the Image(s) for self-promotion purposes.

The client agrees not to make or authorize any modifications to the Image(s), including but not limited to applying filters, making additions or subtractions, or creating adaptations, either on their own or by combining them with other materials, without obtaining the explicit prior permission from the photographer.

Rescheduling / Cancellations

If you need to cancel or reschedule the photo shoot, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance. If you cancel less than 48 hours before the scheduled shoot, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged. If we arrive at the property and the shoot is cancelled due to reasons such as denied access or the home not being ready, the full amount for the shoot will be charged.

It’s the responsibility of realtors to check the weather before scheduling a shoot. If the shoot needs to be rescheduled due to bad weather, there will be a $50 fee assessed. We will proceed with interior shots in case of rain and wait or return for exterior shots at another time. Please note that there will be no exceptions to this policy.

Payments and Refunds

Vegas.Photography operates on a payment policy where payments are accepted after the scheduled photoshoot has been completed and the edited images have been delivered. An invoice will be sent specifying the amount due, and it must be paid by the designated date.

Please note that Vegas.Photography does not offer refunds. However, we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and will provide up to two revisions of the images to accommodate any necessary changes or adjustments. It is important to understand that we do not conduct a second photoshoot without appropriate compensation.

Privacy Policy

We treat all the information we collect from you with utmost confidentiality. We do not share or sell your personal details to any third-party company. If you provide us with your email, name, and phone number, we will only use this information for internal purposes and future marketing promotions.